Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

Sinking the Poor

Sinking the Poor
Addy Hasan

Jakarta was the city of every citizen
Where the poor and the rich used to meet
Jakarta was the city of millions hope
When the struggle and dreams came

But, Jakarta today is not used to be 
Sinking the dreams and hope of poor
Jakarta is for the have
Left behind tears and cries of mother and children

The poor was evicted from their homeland
Leaving their dreams and hope
The rich were risen to the skyscraper
Getting their wealthy and success

 Thousand houses of fishermen were destroyed
Near luxury apartments and gallant malls
All is evicted, until it is destroyed.
Now Jakarta only for conglomerates
In the name of development said the leader

Ciliwung riverbank, Luar Batang, Rawajati all is evicted
Left debris and hurts
But not Mangga Besar the buildings of Conglomerates
Thousand houses and giant buildings stand still

The poor living in hired narrow flat
Let them live like a bird in a cage
Make them to rent the flat to the rest of life
It is the place for the poor

Coast Jakarta is for cartel not fishermen
Made children miss school, fathers were forced to idle
And again it is for modernization
And the leader said again “It’s for better Jakarta”

Sinking the poor…

Jakarta, 17 October 2016

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